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Wear red lipstick 
Unless your overall look is the kind of '40s revival chic being enjoyed by many hip youngsters at the moment (in which case it compliments the look perfectly) red lipstick will cry ‘tramp'. Even if you're wearing it in a stylish, rather than slutty, way, it might not come across like that. Guys will likely have less knowledge and awareness than you do when it comes to style, and might jump to the wrong conclusion. Image By: Miguel.Aguilera
Wear too high a heel
Heels are good, (we are not suggesting you rock up in your ballet pumps) but you might want to impose a 2.5-3 inch maximum. Anything higher than this and you might run the risk of looking trampy on your first date (not to mention making shorter guys feel even smaller!). 
Go too high fashion
Of course, if this is your schtick and you refuse to tone things down, by all means reveal your natural high style. However, if you often dress smart casual but go in for more of a ‘kooky' look at parties, then tonight is probably not the time to look your very best. As we all know, men don't quite get ‘fashion' in the same way we do and may simply think you are badly dressed. Make a classically chic impression, and then ‘educate' him to more stylish ways later!
Reveal too much flesh
We hope this one is obvious, but you never know. As before, it will only give one impression. And worse still, it might embarrass your date, which is ideally to be avoided at all costs.
Wear something new and ‘experimental'
In the hope to give yourself an energised vibe, or create a ‘new you' (perhaps this is a first date after a break up?) it might be tempting to buy something daring that you wouldn't normally go for. This is ill-advised. The end result will likely be either that you don't feel entirely comfortable in your new look, which will come across as a lack of confidence, or you'll be wearing something unflattering. In this instance, better the devil you know is definitely best.

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