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Shoes can make or break an outfit. The sheer amount of choices available can make footwear one of the most difficult departments to navigate. Should you go for heels or flats? Open or closed toes? Strappy or simple? Embellished or plain? The questions are endless! Follow our guide to and every pair of shoes you own will make you feel like Cinderella.
Image By: leafar.Wedges - Your wedges will be the most comfortable pair of heels you own as they distribute your weight evenly and support whole length of your foot. They add a glamourous edge to any day time outfit and their leg lengthening properties help to balance out a top heavy frame. Perfectly practical and chic for outdoor summer events they'll look fantastic at a beach or pool party and also with tailored shorts, minis, playsuits, and sundresses.
Flats – Chic as well as comfortable these are a wardrobe staple and provide a casual elegance to an outfit. Although many women believe that flats are strictly a daytime look, Audrey Hepburn has proved that they can also look beautiful with an evening ensemble. Team with capri pants, peg leg trousers and flared skirts that rest just below the knee and you'll be ready for breakfast at Tiffany. Add an embellished pair of flat sandals to hot pants and you'll be ready for lunch on the Riviera.
Kitten Heels – If you're required to run in heels these are your best option. Combining sex appeal with comfort these are the ideal shoes for handling rush hour to and from the office. They look fabulous with tailored trousers, pencil skirts and knee length dresses making them the ‘purrrfect' complement for after work drinks or a trip to the theatre with your beau.
Stilettos – Pure seduction, and probably the only shoes your lover will ask you to keep on at the end of the night. Though with great power must come great responsibility, keep them closed toe for the day and team with skinny jeans, pencil skirts, and drain pipe trousers. For the evening go strappy with above the knee (though not mini!) form fitting dresses and dramatic slit to the thigh evening gowns.
Platforms – These will unleash your inner ‘glamazon' and show that you mean business. These are surprisingly comfortable to dance the night away in making them perfect club wear. As long as the heels are not Perspex a pair of peep toe platforms will look marvellous with a short dress, tailored shorts, and skinny leather trousers. Make sure you book a cab home though as limping is most definitely not sexy!
Generally your shoes are supposed to complement, not overpower your outfit so if you're planning to wear diamante encrusted statement heels with metal spikes (i.e. Louboutin for Rodarte) keep the rest of your outfit simple and vice versa.

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