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Like paintings on a canvas, fashion is a way to express ourselves. Image is also a way to communicate and a lot of one’s personality goes into the definition of style. There is a great variety of garments that according to their configuration, a style is born. That is why there are a number of garments all women want to have in their closet no matter what the fashion trend. One’s own personality is the key to dress, like Coco Chanel taught us “fashion fades; only style remains the same”. The most desired garments are:
1) Little black dress. Coco Chanel made it popular back in 1926 as a symbol of power and sensuality. It must be tight-fitting and it goes extremely well with accessories, actually, it is a must to wear it with accessories.
2) Babydoll dress. “Baby Doll” is a film released in 1956. The plot is about the conflict of a childish girl married to a man much older than her. Her husband promised her dying father they would not consummate their marriage until baby doll turned 20 years old. The film had high sexual content and was forbidden in many countries like Sweden because of its provocative wardrobe. Nowadays, babydoll clothing is known to be sexy, sweet and provocative.
3) Sensual Lingerie. It is the key for a woman to feel desired. Sexy underwear may work wonders on the look of the body and one’s confidence… Like Shania Twain sang: “Man! I feel like a woman”.
4) Jeans. Blue, gray, black, light, dark… Jeans are an essential garment every woman must have. Sometimes it is hard to find the right one for every particular body. They are perfect for almost any occasion and there are colours and shapes for everyone’s taste.
5) Heels. Even though they can be extremely painful, they make legs and the rest of the body look slender.
6) Sunglasses. They can be sophisticated, neutral, formal or informal, lady-like or punkie.
7) Print Animal. It is associated with excess, luxury, savage style and glamour… all at once.
8) Push Up Bra. The slogan for this type of bra was sarcastically “Look into my eyes and tell me that you love me”.
9) Blazers. These garments are very fashionable this lately. Not only classy but also a preppy style.
10) Synthetic fabric. It is associated to luxury and power. Synthetic fabric is desired for its brightness and light.

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